Church Personnel

Pastor: Hayden Kent, Sr

Church Receptionist: Joan Ralston

Pianist: Debbie Lucca

Organist: Joan Ralston

Sexton: Kelly Martino

Librarian: Joan Hofer

Deacons: Mike Bird,  Bill Connelly,  Bobby Kenney,   Joe Young

Trustees: Dave Booth,  Don Jensen, John Risley III

Website Administrator: John Risley III

2 Responses to Church Personnel

  1. Scott Henderson says:

    It is always a pleasure to worship at Scullville Bible Church . Pastor Kent is such a wonderful Pastor to listen to and learn from .

  2. Ralph Yost says:

    SVBC was our home church for nearly 20 years until we moved in 2011. We always visit when back in the area. The church is a great, friendly place. Their love of children is also evident by their many years of running the Awanna program.
    Pastor Kent is a top quality Bible teacher and should not be missed !

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