Godhead Part 2


Christ is the power of God in His own person.

Historic, apostolic, supernatural Christianity stands

Or falls with the person of Christ.

Fearlessly we take our stand just here, and declare

That human nature did not and could not produce

Christ. If human nature could produce Christ,

Why has it not in the two thousand years that followed

The Saviour of Galilee-why has it not produced

Another, His equal?

The answer is that the task is entirely too stupendous

For poor human nature to accomplish, for Christ

Was both God and man in one personality- the God-man.

Never did hyphen mean what it means here. The

God-man it both joins and divides; it marks

Distinction and yet unity. Christ was a really man as

Though He were not God, and as really God as though

He were not man-the God-man. Here stands out vast

The Doctrine of the Incarnation.

“God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself.”

—George W. Truett

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