Be It Resolved

The four recordings of “Be It Resolved” were preached as an encouragement to resolve this 2015 New Year to conform to the image of Christ. Would it be easy? … no! Would it be hard? Yes! Would it be possible? … YES!

BE IT RESOLVED; A Study in Romans 12 in four parts.

BE IT RESOLVED Part I: Romans 12:1 Describes what Self Sacrifice means.


BE IT RESOLVED Part II: Romans 12:2 Encourages us not to be conformed to this AGE, but to be transformed by changing our mind to find out what that God, Acceptable and Perfect will of God is for you.


BE IT RESOLVED Part III: Romans 12:3-8 Realize that any gift you possess came directly from God by grace, and you are to utilize it for His glory and for the good of the Body of Christ.


BE IT RESOLVED Part IV: Romans 12:9ff Briefly explains some individual virtues that combine to develop Christian Character in you, beginning with Love and ending with the ability to persevere under the pressure of spiritual trial and opposition.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

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