Scullville Bible Church held its 2nd AdoptARoad for the 2018 Year.We had 3 Teams that went out and picked up the trash and recycling off of Mays Landing Somers Point Road.

The 3 Teams were:
Mike Ballard      PennySue Spadea     Dawn RisleyDon Jensen       Russ Spadea Jr.        John Risley III
The Teams collected 9 bags of trash, 9 bags of recycling, half of a dog house, car jack, 5 car tires, 2 bumpers off of a car.
After the Teams were done they went in for some breakfast, coffee, and chocolate milk in Memorial Hall.

To see what’s happening in AWANA click on the AWANA tab under the Ministries tab.

AWANA meets every Friday evening at 6:30.

Children Story Hour meets Wednesday‘s at 10:15 AM.


Tuesday Morning Bible Study-Tuesday‘s at 9:00 AM.

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